You’re A Good Egg

By | April 10, 2017

You’re A Good Egg

Hi Friends.  This card  has a cute little story to it.  I needed to make a thank you card for my Aunt & Uncle.  You see, we moved about 2 years ago and it happened to be 6 houses down from them.  They are the best- always inviting us over, plowing our driveway during snowstorms, and lots more.  But the other day I went to get my mail and you’ll never believe it….

I went to my mailbox and there was a dozen eggs in there!  Ha ha ha- Ahhh the country life.  My Uncle has chickens and they have been producing more than they can eat.  So, he dropped the eggs off in my mailbox!  Aren’t they the best? If you’ve never had fresh eggs- I highly recommend it.  So much better than the ones in the store.  Heck- if my husband wasn’t opposed to it, I’d get chickens myself!  He thinks they stink but I could put them in the way back of the yard!!!  Although- my doggies may think differently- he he.

SO, you can see where the inspiration for this card came into play, right?  They are good “eggs”.  You can scroll down below for all the supplies I used in this card.

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