The Stamping Factory -Lite


This is a program designed with you in mind.  

What is it?  It’s a “lite” version of The Stamping Factory! Projects delivered to your inbox twice a month!

What’s included?  FOUR projects delivered to your inbox twice a month.  These projects come straight from The Stamping Factory classes, only there are 4 projects instead of 15.  The directions are the same and include the cutting dimensions, supply lists, step by step instructions and color pictures.

Do I need to buy the products?  Nope.  Use whatever materials you have on hand.  In fact, there may be one or two things that have expired on there. But that’s okay, just use what the good lord (or craft supply company) gave ya!  They don’t even have to be Stampin’ Up!  How’s that for ya?  Switch out a birthday stamp for a thank you.  Switch out a Thank you for a Sympathy.  Use whatever sentiment stamps you have.

How much is this gonna cost me?  Five bucks. No, seriously.  FIVE BUCKS, $5, Five buckaroos, A Lincoln… that’s it.

Okay, how do I get it?  Easy.  Click on the subscribe button.  You will be asked to pay via Paypal.  Five dollars will automatically be deducted from your account once a month until you cancel.  There is no commitment, cancel at any time.  You will receive an email twice a month with two projects.  Everybody starts at Week 1.  You may expect to see the projects from September showing up in your cart this month, but in the Stamping Factory Lite, you get projects going back from January of 2014.  If you want, for example, September projects in September, contact me.  I will deduct the $5 if you purchase the whole September class.  Otherwise, you will have to wait until it comes around on “Lite”. Here is an example of what part of your first email will look like: Stamping Factory Lite

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