Scrappy Saturdays Week #1

By | August 19, 2017

Scrappy Saturday

Well hello everyone!  Hope you are all enjoying the month of August!  I have been having a fantastic summer. One of the cool things I did this summer, was to take an inventory on my life. Dah dah dah- how dramatic, I know!  But honestly, I took a hard look at what makes me happy and what doesn’t and eliminated a lot of things that I like to call a “time suck”. Now, I won’t get into what made me go down such an intense journey this summer, but I will tell you that I feel like there’s huge weight  lifted off my shoulders. It wasn’t anything drastic that I eliminated, but a lot of clutter around the house in catching up with old friends that we haven’t seen in the long time and going back to basics – which includes my Stampin’ Up! business.

 So, why do you care, right? That’s a great question my friend. Because it’s affecting my Stampin’ Up! business as well. You see, 13 years ago my cousin introduced me to scrapbooking and I fell head over heels in love.  I did it ALL. THE. TIME.  And then my friend Melissa introduced me to Stampin’ Up! and I saw so many more possibilities with my scrapbooking supplies than just the basics. I love to look at my scrapbooks, and show my family my pages when they’re done and they really love looking at the pages as well. In fact, my boys tell me that I’m way behind and need to get caught up on their books. Ha ha. Working on it dudes!

So, this brings us to today. I have made it one of my priorities to get at least one page done every month. This is going to help me work on my pages which is something I love, and hopefully help you because I’m going to be sharing those pages here on the blog and my social media outlets. I’m calling it “Scrappy Saturdays“.  I look forward to sharing this with all of you guys and hearing your ideas or input or suggestions on what you’d like to see or share what you’re up to.

So let’s start with today’s scrapbook page. This is a Week 1. I just grabbed a pack of recent pictures that I had printed and found the last pictures I have of my kids with my grandmother. I wouldn’t normally take a picture of someone in the hospital, but my grandmother was so lucid that day and so funny and just reminded me of what she was like when I was a kid growing up, that I had to snap some pictures while we were in the room with her. So I want to capture that, because it really is important to capture the smaller events in your life too.   I took pictures and now I’ve got them on this page for you. Let’s take a look at what I did.

Scrappy Saturdays

All the products used are from Stampin Up.  I just recently got the Large Letters Framelits and I seriously love them… They are the perfect size for scrapbooking!  Take a look at what I used.
Product List

  What do you think?  Before you go, you should know about the current promotions going on with SU!

Current Promotions:

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Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed this new series “Scrappy Saturdays” and will come by again soon!  Remember… Think It!  Ink it!  Happy Stamping- Angela 😉
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One thought on “Scrappy Saturdays Week #1

  1. Katrina

    Love this idea. At the moment I go to the library for 2 hours most Fridays and scrapbook. Went on the SoCal Shop Hop 2010 to 2014 and stores gave 6×6 page kits relating to the theme. Well I never put them together however, I now have all years done on the 6×6 and it is my goal to put them on 12×12 sheets in one album. It may need to wait until I move but at least all the little bits are done.


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