Monthly Bundle

What is a Monthly Bundle?  Well, read on grasshopper, I’m going to tell you.

There will be a MONTHLY BUNDLE just for you.  I will recommend the products to purchase each month.  When you purchase the bundle offered only through me, you will get EXCLUSIVE TUTORIALS with at least 12 (sometimes more) different projects to make.  These PDF’s are priceless.  They will give you:

  • a list of supplies
  • the pages to find them on
  • the product numbers
  • the prices (including my bundle)
  • .. and then it will walk you through the steps, one by one, to creating each project.

The only thing you have to think about is what you’re having for dinner.

Let me repeat… these bundles are only offered through me, not Stampin’ Up!  Once you go to my online store to order the MONTHLY BUNDLE- email me and I will get you on my Priority List!  Then, you will receive an email with the tutorials on the 1st of the following month.





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