Halloween Treat Box

By | October 23, 2016

Halloween Treat Box

You are never gonna guess how I made this Halloween Treat Box!!!  Ready?  I used the envelope punch board!!!!  I know- you’re saying NO WAY- Get OUTTA here.. but it’s true.  It was a snap to put together!

Halloween Treat Box

Halloween Treat Box


To begin with, you need a piece of 6″ x 6″ piece of paper and duh- an envelope punch board.  🙂

Line up the left edge to the 1 3/8″ mark and punch.

Without moving the paper, place the tip of the scoring tool that comes with the punch board inside the opening.  Touching the side of the little plastic pointer thing, press down and score along the entire length of the paper following the diagonal groove on the punch board.

Next, slide the paper so the left edge is at the 4″ mark.  Score along the score line again without moving the paper.

You should have TWO punches on one side of the paper.  Rotate your paper to the left.

Line up the first score line on your paper to the little plastic pointy thing at the top of the punch board.  (We are not worried about the ruler anymore)

With the pointer lined up to the previously made score groove in the paper, punch.

Score it again.

Slide the paper to the left so that the pointer is lined up with the next score line and repeat the process.

Do this on all 4 sides.

Use the built-in corner rounder punch on the board to round all of the corners.

You are now going to cut on the top and bottom of your soon-to-be box.

Cut up the left score line next to the wide triangle.  (Choose any side to start)  Stop cutting when you come to the intersecting score line.

Repeat cutting on the  right side of that square and cut up to the intersecting score line again.

Repeat this process on the OPPOSITE side of the paper (but not on all sides).

Fold on all of the score lines.

Use a 1″ Circle punch to punch out a handle on the top of those tabs you just cut.

Place adhesive on one flap and fold it on the score line.

You will see that it will cross in front of the box.

Place more adhesive in the corner of the other flap- attach it to the other flap so they cross over one another.

Fold the remaining tab out for a contrasting look or tuck it in to the inside if you don’t want it to show.


That’s it, you’re done!  I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and stop by again soon!  Take care.

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