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Halloween Treat Box

Halloween Treat Box You are never gonna guess how I made this Halloween Treat Box!!!  Ready?  I used the envelope punch board!!!!  I know- you’re saying NO WAY- Get OUTTA here.. but it’s true.  It was a snap to put together! Directions: To begin with, you need a piece of 6″ x 6″ piece of… Read More »

October 2016 Paper Pumpkin

Did you guys happen to catch me working on this kit “live: on Facebook?  No need to feel bad if you missed it, you can watch it again by scrolling down below.  It’s the October 2016 Paper Pumpkin kit.   I literally squealed with delight when I opened this kit because I have been wanting… Read More »

Stampin’ Up! October Specials

Stampin Up! October Specials Hi Friends, Happy October! Do you remember the last time you received a card in the mail? In a sea of junk mail and bills, a card is something so simple that can really stand out to the person who receives it. Sending a card is a small gesture that shows just… Read More »

Owl Card

You guys! Can you even stand how cute this owl card is? My 13-year-old has always loved animals. When he was a wee little thing, he used to say “Owls are my favorite nocturnal animal”. I didn’t know you could choose favorites between nocturnal and otherwise, ha ha. Anyway, this is a combination of some… Read More »

Halloween Village

Have any of you started your Christmas cards yet?  I just can’t do it.  It’s too early for me.  I can’t even think about Christmas until after Halloween!  Which brings me to today’s post! This card project came out even cuter than I thought it would.  Let’s see what I did! I started with Lost… Read More »

You asked for it..

You asked for it, so you GOT it!  I asked on Facebook the other day if it was too early for Fall/Holiday creations, or were you ready and the answer was a resounding “YES”.  Okay, okay, I heard ya!  So today’s project is just that- a Halloween card.  But a little snippet before we get… Read More »

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