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Hi Peeps!

Hot enough for ya?  Wait until tomorrow and Sunday! Here come the 90’s.  Don’t forget to stay well hydrated and don’t leave your pets in the heat, especially without water!!

So last night I had a FABULOUS time with Laurel and all of her friends at a workshop.  Thanks for having me Laurel.. it was a blast.  If you were thinking about a party, next month is a great time to host because we are giving away an extra $50 in hostess benefits.  Hmm.. what could you do with $50 in free Stampin’ Up! merchandise??  AND… I get to pre-order for our HOLIDAY catalog so you will be the first to see any projects I make!  Christmas in July, indeed!

Here is today’s project, which we made in my class at Baypath last week.  The whole class was based on watercoloring.  We used one of my favorite stamp sets- Elements of Style and stamped it with Staz On Black ink.  This is an alcohol based ink, so it doesn’t blend when you  color it in.  Then, we used primrose petals marker to shade in the petals and old olive marker to color in the stems.  Then, we took our blender pens and went over the petals in a circular motion to blend the ink to make it look like water color. The ribbon is crumb cake seam binding ribbon and the punch is now retired, which really bums me out because I love it.  But you don’t fret.. I have it so if you ever want to use it, just come to one of my project nights!  The next one is Friday, July 13th!


Here are some of the items I used to make this card.



Todays project features a stamp that has long since retired, but I still love it.  And it’s cute for all ages if you ask me!

I used the following items to make this card:


Staz On Ink Pad

Markers- Always Artichoke, Not Quite Navy, Daffodil Delight, Real Red, Tangerine Tango, Bashful Blue and Pretty in Pink


Prehistoric Party (retired)


Always Artichoke

White Natural

DIGITAL TUESDAY (actually Wednesday)

Like the title of this post..?  Ha ha.. I have to admit, I am struggling to find time with the kids home from school now to get my work done.  I may have to power up on the coffee and enforce some sort of naptime rule- for me 🙂  Any suggestions are welcome. OH.. but you would have to email me those.. unfortunately, I’ve had to shut off my settings for comments because I am getting bombarded with spam comments and the like- even though I have filters, they are killing me.  I hope to be able to turn on the comments again one of these days!

Anyhoo.. here’s what you missed yesterday!  Stampin’ Up’s latest digital downloads.  And remember to check for updates to your MDS by clicking “HELP” and then “CHECK FOR UPDATES”.  All the new “in-colors” have been loaded!


Dogs are such an important part of so many people’s lives, including mine.  Below are some ideas for welcoming a new puppy/dog or a sympathy card for mans best friend.

This time of year, we see a lot of thunderstorms that can affect our little pooches,  so here’s a good article to help you and your pooch..
By Dr. Becker

The spring and summer months bring thunderstorms, and if you have a storm-phobic dog, I’m sure you’re not looking forward to them.

Depending on your pet’s experience with storms, as well as the force of any given storm, your dog might simply find a place to hide.

Or he might have a more dramatic reaction (for example, running away or trying to chew his way out of his crate or through a door).

Some reactions are more unsettling than others, but regardless of your dog’s response to a storm, it’s difficult to know your pet is feeling terrified and you don’t know what to do to calm him.

Dogs with Storm Phobia Often Have Other Related Conditions

In a Cornell University retrospective study of over 1,644 dogs presenting with behavior problems over a ten-year period, 2.3 percent were seen for storm phobia.

Research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association looked at a possible link between storm phobias, noise phobias and separation anxiety in dogs.

The study revealed there is a high probability (0.88) dogs with noise phobia also have separation anxiety.

The vast majority of dogs with thunderstorm phobia also had separation anxiety.

In dogs with separation anxiety, there was a 0.63 probability they also had noise phobia, and a 0.52 likelihood they suffered from storm phobia.

Dogs with thunderstorm phobia had a 0.90 chance of having noise phobia, but dogs with noise phobia had only a 0.76 probability of having storm phobia.

Another interesting conclusion was the response to noise is different than the response to thunderstorms, likely due to the unpredictability of thunderstorms, according to study authors.

The researchers recommended that dogs with any of the three conditions should be checked for the other two, and that the interaction among the conditions is important for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Storm Phobia Symptoms

Storm-phobic dogs will typically display one or more of the following symptoms, which can be mild to extreme:

Pacing Vocalization (whining, howling)
Panting Destructive behavior
Drooling Potty accidents in the house
Trembling Self-harm
Staying close to their human

Since dogs with one type of phobia tend to have others, it can be difficult for your veterinarian to immediately determine if the phobia is only in relation to thunderstorms.

The first thing your vet might ask is whether your dog also reacts to other loud noises and/or to being left home by himself.

Typically, dogs with a combination of phobias experience more extreme symptoms than dogs with just one condition. Also, the intensity of the phobia tends to impact the dog’s response to treatment.

Storm Phobia is Distinct from Other Phobias

While there are often co-existing phobias in one dog, storm phobias actually differ quite a bit from other conditions.

If your dog has separation anxiety, she’ll be triggered by activities leading up your departure, and the departure itself. A dog with noise phobia will be triggered by the sound of the specific noise(s) she’s bothered by.

Storm-phobic dogs can react to any number of storm-related triggers, including:

The boom of thunder or the crack of lightening
The sound of wind or pouring rain
Darkening skies
Changes in barometric pressure
Smells that precede or accompany a storm

Your storm phobic dog will know bad weather is coming long before you do.

Another peculiarity of thunderstorm phobia is it often escalates. Dogs that have been mild to moderately upset by storms can suddenly experience a significant increase in anxiety.

This jump in anxiety level can often be linked to a particularly severe storm and perhaps a static electric shock the dog is exposed to during the storm. Many storm-phobic dogs seem driven to find areas where electrical grounds can protect them from static charges – places like sinks, bathtubs, shower enclosures, under toilet tanks, or next to metal radiators or pipes.

It’s a fact that static electricity fields build up during storms and some animals become statically charged.

Treating Dogs with Thunderstorm Phobia

Every storm-phobic dog’s response is different, so therapy should be customized to the individual animal and the intensity of his or her response.

Make a “safe room.” This is a place your dog can escape to when a storm is approaching, and it should be available to her at all times – especially when you’re not home. The idea is to limit her exposure to as many aspects of thunderstorms as possible. The room would ideally have no windows, or covered windows so the storm can’t be seen. If necessary, sound-proofing wallboard can muffle the noise of a storm. Put a solid-sided crate in the room with the door left open, along with a bit of food, water, treats and toys.

As part of your dog’s therapy, get her used to the room before she needs it by associating it with fun activities, food treats and gentle, soothing massage. Some owners use a head collar to calm the dog and more easily put her into a relaxed down position.

As the storm approaches, turn on the lights in the safe room so lightening flashes won’t be extremely obvious, and turn on calming musici,ii.
Pheromone diffusers. Species-specific pheromones are chemical substances that can positively affect an animal’s emotional state and behavior. Dog-appeasing pheromone (DAP) is a synthetic form of a pheromone secreted by the mammary glands of nursing dogs. Studies have shown DAP diffusersiii are effective therapy for dogs with firework phobias and separation anxiety.
Behavior modification. One type of behavior modification for storm phobias is to engage your dog in a behavior that earns a reward. Ask your dog to perform a command he’s familiar with and reward him if he does. This technique distracts both of you – the dog from his fear of the storm, and you from the temptation to inadvertently reinforce your pet’s phobic behavior by petting and soothing him while he’s showing anxiety.

Another type of behavior modification involves trying to get your dog busy with a more pleasant activity than storm watching. Play a game with him or give him a recreational bone to gnaw on. Be aware that if your pet’s response to storms is intense, you may not be able to engage him in another activity early in his treatment program.
Desensitization. This therapy involves using a CD with reproduced storm soundsiv to attempt to desensitize your pet. It’s best to do this during times of the year when actual storms are few and far between.

Unfortunately, desensitization isn’t always as effective with storm phobias as it is with other types of anxiety disorders. That’s because it’s difficult to mimic all the various triggers that set off a fear response in a storm-phobic pet – in particular changes in barometric pressure, static electricity, and whatever scents dogs notice with an impending change in the weather. In addition, desensitization has to be done in each room of the house, because a new coping skill your dog learns in the living room will be forgotten in the kitchen. These problems make desensitization more of a challenge in treating storm phobias.
Storm jackets. There are a number of different brands of storm jackets to choose from these days, and they have proved very helpful for some dogs with thunderstorm phobias. Storm jackets are designed to be snug-fitting to mimic the sensation of being swaddled, a feeling that is comforting to dogs. You might also consider a calming capv.
TTouch and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). TTouchvi is a specific massage technique that can be helpful for anxious pets. EFTvii is a tapping technique that can be used to deal with a wide variety of emotional and physical problems.
Natural supplements and remedies. Talk to your holistic vet about homeopathic, TCM and other natural remedies that may help relieve your dog’s stress. These should be used in conjunction with behavior modification. A few I like are the nutraceuticals l-tryptophan, valerian, GABA, homeopathic Aconitum and the TCM formulas that Calm the Shen.

A U.K. study evaluated a treatment program that used two self-help, CD-based desensitization and counter-conditioning programs, plus DAP diffusers, plus a “safe haven” for dogs with fireworks phobia. The severity of the dogs’ phobias was significantly improved, as was their generalized fear.

If nothing you attempt seems to help your storm-phobic dog, don’t despair. Talk to your vet about a temporary course of drug therapy (usually with anti-anxiety meds or anti-depressants) in conjunction with behavior modification and some of the other recommendations outlined above.

You can also consult an animal behaviorist in your area through the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. Alternatively, you can look for a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist at the Animal Behavior Society.

By combining a few different therapies (and trying several to see which have the most impact), you increase the likelihood of bringing your dog’s phobia under control.

Everything Eleanor

Everything Eleanor Box Set Stamping Class

What’s better than beautiful cards to send to your friends and family? – Learning a fast way to make those beautiful cards!

When you combine great vintage style with a pop of bright Melon Mambo, you’ve got a look that will please. Creating a set of elegant cards is fast when you know the secret how to. Join me and I’ll show you how a half sheet of stamped card stock transforms into a card box and 3 elegant cards.

Reserve your spot today and join the creative fun!

Contact me today to join the celebration!

Saturday, July 21st
9 am to Noon
My classroom

Relay for Life

Hello my friends.  Did you miss me?  I haven’t posted in almost two weeks.. that’s a record for me.  What a crazy, busy and exciting time it has been over here in Camp Carter.

Last week was our 8th time participating in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life where teams of people take turns walking around a track for 20 hours to help raise money to fight cancer.  And that we did.  My brother also came to stay with us from Virginia with his kids.. drove 10 hours to get here for the weekend so he could participate. Pretty amazing.  So, what separates us from other teams is that our team serves up food as our fundraiser, so we have a lot more packing, setting up and breaking down and overall work to do than most teams.  We sold sausage and meatball grinders, hot dogs, ham, egg & cheese sandwiches at 5 am on Saturday and drinks.  You can imagine I’m sure, the packing we did – with grill(s) and coolers.. everything but the kitchen sink.    As a co-captain of the team (along with my parents), we had a lot to do last week to prepare, but with the help of a few marvelous friends, we were able to make about $1200 that day and hopefully help save a life or two 🙂  I could seriously sit here and write a book about Relay and all the activities, emotions, planning and so on that goes into it and why we do it each year but to sum it up… my Mom wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the ACS and the people before us who helped her beat cancer.  That’s it. It’s why we give back.  Here is a collage I made of the event, along with the cover of my Relay album this year.


Today is my Mom’s bday!  She is THE hardest working person I’ve ever met and I really hope she takes some time to chill out today, because it’s’ extremely rare that she does!!

And the past two years have given her way too much grief, with both of her parents passing away and taking care of all her families issues.  I hope this new year is the start of some wonderful changes for you, Mom!  Happy Birthday!


Did you know that I am available for custom invitations?  Weddings, birthdays, announcements, etc!  Here is an example of a wedding invitation and all that goes with it!


Just for you!  That’s right, this box is handmade with love, just for you!  If you booked a party with me in June, that is.  All of my hostesses will receive this special box WITH DIRECTIONS on how to make it, from me!  Just for being a special hostess 😉


Cute Card right? We made this in last months class at Baypath.  The girls were excited to find out what the Color Spritzer Tool was and learned how to use it!

It’s only$12.95 and such an inexpensive way to add dimension to your project! Notice all the drops of ink on this card?  This is the tool we used to do that!


4 YOU Pocket

Tiny Tags Stamp Set ( item 118091 item 118592)
First Edition Specialty Designer Series Paper: 5-1/2″ x 7-1/2″ (item 121878)
Very Vanilla Card Stock: 2-1/4″ x 4″ (item 101650 item 124301)
Lucky Limeade Classic Stampin’ Pad (item 122935)
Pool Party Classic Stampin’ Pad (item 122938)
Accessories & Tools
Linen Thread: 15″ (item 104199)
Subtles Designer Buttons (item 119745)
Boho Blossoms Punch (item 119858)
Jewelry Tag Punch (item 117190)
Postage Stamp Punch (item 122344)
1/16″ Circle Punch (item 101227)
Sticky Strip (item 104294)
1. Punch the top and bottom edges of the Designer Series Paper with the Postage Stamp Punch.
2. Score the Designer Series Paper vertically at 1/2″ and 3″ and horizontally at 3-1/2″. Fold the paper to create the 2-1/2″ x 4″ pocket.
3. Stamp the flourish image on the front of the pocket. Stamp “4 you” and the butterfly image on the Very Vanilla Card Stock. Punch out “4 you” using the Jewelry Tag Punch. Cut out the butterfly image. Punch the Very Vanilla Card Stock with the Boho Blossoms Punch.
4. Thread the Linen Thread through the holes of the small Subtles Designer Button. Layer the butterfly, small blossom, and button and adhere them to the lower right side of the pocket.
5. Punch a hole in the jewelry tag using the 1/16″ Circle Punch. Wrap the Linen Thread around the pocket, thread it through the jewelry tag, and tie a bow


Believe it or not, this is a very simple card to make!  In fact, I’m attaching the templates for the top and bottom!   Enjoy!!

Just cut two of the bottom pieces and glue them together on the sides and bottom (but not the top so you can make a pocket to slip a gift card into).

You are going to attached the top to the bottom with a brad so it opens and closes.  Then just decorate as you like!  Piece of cake!



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